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Patrick Booker & Montavious Goss

Almagest opener
Goss: Last week we posted a story about how LSUS’s bookstore will be relocating to the university center.  
Goss: This week, The Almagest decided to focus on who this will effect the most; the students. 
Goss: So we went to the University Center and Bookstore to see how some of the student body are feeling about the upcoming changes.
Student: I’ve heard some issues with the pricing and occasionally with the service provided in there, Moving the pool tables over to the other side I’m not super sure, I do like that everyone can see them as soon as you’re walking in and everything I do like that. But also moving those computers to the technology center seems like a better fit since it can be a much better idea for a co-laboratory. So i can’t say it is all bad I think it’s actually pretty great.
Student : I think that it’s a good idea on the fact that by putting the bookstore within the UC (University Center) area where you plan to have most of the students anyway, It allows for you to be able to more likely sell those things that you want to sell. The bookstore obviously does sell merchandise and other things as well. So I think it will be a beneficial route for them to take on one end for publicity. On the other hand I think that it could be a coin toss when it comes to it being privatized to an extent. That depends on really a lot of different areas of how that is still going to bring money into the school or effect us on that route.
Student: I honestly don’t agree with it. I like how we everything in here to just come and hangout like we’re doing right now. I think privatizing will make it a lot less active around here you know? And make it just another study zone when we already have plenty of those around campus 
Student: I think it’s a good thing that the bookstore is moving because it’s not noticeable where it’s located at now and by transitioning to a new area I think the students can be active and go get a book easier compared to now.
Student: I think any way that we can provide better books at a lower cost and a wider variety of books for our students then that’s what I’m for
Student: I’m kind of indifferent I like the space that this has but, I think it would be better to downsize just because a lot of stuff in here we kind of don’t need to be here. We kind of just need the books and the Scantrons and a few shirts.
Goss: Alright, I’d like to know since you work here at the bookstore what is next for student workers?
Student: We can reapply for the new privatized place or they said they would maybe move us to like another department within here, anyway we’ll have a job
Goss: And now you know! I’m Montavious Goss from Almagest Student News.
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