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Military Matters

Story by Ashley Hollis

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HOLLIS: With our campus being so close to Barksdale Air Force Base, this campus offers many things to both veterans and active military personal.

HOLLIS: how many active military and veterans are currently on LSUS campus

MORLOCK: well we don’t really track them per say so there is no definitive number we have approximately between two hundred and three hundred using the GI bill of that we do have some dependents using GI bill so roughly probably about one hundred and fifty to two hundred people and veterans on campus using the GI bill.

HOLLIS: Our campus has a student veterans’ organization that has a 22 push up challenge every year to help reduce suicide statistics

BROWN: over all purpose of the organization is one is so we can be a go between for the veterans and admissions and administration so we can kind of combat some of the issues veterans are having. Not necessarily combat but try to make it better and improve lives over all on campus

SCHOOLS: We put of the twenty-two kill push up challenge to raise awareness for the twenty-two veterans that unfortunately commit suicide everyday here in America. So, we want to bring that to light and we want to hopefully put an end to that

HOLLIS: With things like the student organization and the multiple benefits that veterans can have on campus, it obvious that LSUS loves our vets

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