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Shaun Boothe "Raps" Up Black History Month

Story by Victoria Noel

LSU Shreveport welcomed award winning hip-hop artist and TED speaker Shaun Boothe. Boothe produces rap songs that celebrate people who have had a major impact on society. Boothe presented The Unauthorized Biography Series, a critically acclaimed musical project. He told the stories of several historical individuals.

He began by telling the story of the late Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. He told how Kings’ contributions to society made a way for Barak Obama to be able to be president.Boothe then told how Muhammad Ali was villianized for refusing to participate in the war. He recognized Ali for being one of the individuals that opened the publics’ eyes on the war.

Boothe proceeded in his presentation to talk about Oprah Winfrey. He explained how Winfrey had a very hard life, but she never let that stop her from reaching her full potential. Boothe’s final two presentations were about music artist. He told of James Brown and how he became the Godfather of Soul. He then told of Bob Marley and his message: One Love.

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